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Posted on 26 Jul 2017 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Welcome to Kim’s Blog

  My Ongoing Affair with Pinterest

I have been a “pinaholic” since Pinterest was new on the scene. I have about 80 boards and more than 12,000 followers — and it’s nearly entirely related to art in some way.  My boards are dedicated to all things beautiful, from food to tattoos to typography to art glass. My Pinterest link:


I have a part-time career as an artist working in kilnformed glass. ( is my other website).  I started using Pinterest as a method of finding and retaining visual images for inspiration for my glass work. It wasn’t long before I also began using the site as what used to be called a “morgue” for ideas for my day job as a designer and art director. I’ve always collected visual ideas on paper: in magazines, trade journals, books, stuff I’d get in the mail. I have an entire spare bedroom closet still devoted to these printed materials. I can’t bear to throw them out, but I don’t use them, either.


Pinterest is a visual artist’s idea of heaven. Graphic designers in particular can use it to find and sort ideas based on different themes. A quick list of my graphics related boards include these:
Book Covers
Herb Lubalin
Lettering By Hand
Kim’s Graphic Design Work (Not much to be seen here.) (Need to fix that.)
Vector Love
Art Direction
Tom Carnase
Type in Unexpected Places
Ralph Steadman
Info + Design + WOW
Color Palettes
Design: Wayfinding


My glass-related boards include these:
Glass: Fused, Kilnformed
Glass: Blown, Torched, Stained
Glass: Coldworking
Glass: Paperweights and Marbles
Kim’s Glass Work
Inspiration for My Glass Work
Art Series Ideas

And some general visual things, not related to glass or to visual communications, but still interesting and worth keeping on file. You just never know where the next good idea will come from.
Contemporary Jewelry
I Want to Design Shoes
Lines. Lines. Lines.
Killer Color
Color: Who Needs It?
Street Art
Magical Stairways
Art Outdoors
Polymer Clay
Expressive Marks
Textile Art
My Virtual Art Collection
God is a Designer
God is a Performance Artist
God’s Sense of Humor
Bruce Riley Resin Pours
Artistry in Paper
Too Beautiful to Eat
The Human Canvas
I Wish I Could Draw
Artistic Coffee
All Things Retro
Extreme Fashion
Crazy. Gorgeous.
Art, Applied

My Pinterest followers seem to be a cross section of people who aren’t necessarily artists, but who appreciate beautiful things in myriad forms. A glass friend told me, “I never knew I like typography until I saw your board on Typography.”